The KURAMi Project

KURAMi: Knowledge-based, explainable User empowerment in Releasing private data and Assessing Misinformation in online environments

PRIN 2022

The KURAMi Project, funded by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) in relation to the PRIN 2022 Call (, stems from observing recent dynamics in considering the protection of users' data and privacy, and users’ access to potential misinformation, through EU regulations and guidelines. A key aspect is the balance between the rights to confidentiality, autonomous decision-making, free access to information, and freedom of expression


KURAMi aims to develop knowledge-based and explainable solutions for empowering users in addressing different issues in this scenario.


To address these issues, in the KURAMi project we intend to:

KURAMi will then empower users in their decision-making processes, leading them to have more control in the release of, and access to, content in online environments with clear benefits in terms of personal and social good, scientific research, and sustainable and responsible economy.